Woodford Underground

I draw regularly: pictures I like, suggestions, requests from DrawMe.

Drawings are listed for sale here and in my Etsy shop, but there are many more drawings than I can comfortably keep in my studio.

So, every now and then I release old drawings into the wild.

The most convenient spot for me is the noticeboard in the pedestrian tunnel of Woodford Railway Station, nicknamed Woodford Underground.

Sometimes I take a stack of drawings to pin up around Katoomba.

I keep a note of each picture with the date it was drawn and the date it was released along with a photo.  It is a bit of a mystery where all the drawings end up, but every now and then I bump into the lucky recipients.

Sometimes they even go on to Commission a Portrait.

If you'd like to pay me something for a piece you've picked up: Send a tip

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